At the beginning of the term, when I learned the course outline, I was worried about the tasks. I thought that I couldn’t do them exactly among all of the other lessons’ presentations. They seemed me too difficult to manage, and I considered that they would take too much time of us, so I was unhappy about the lesson.

However, in progress of time, I learned lots of  useful tools. They drew my attention, and I liked most of them. Every week we learned a new tool, and every week I thought that the tool in the week was the most enjoyable one. Now, I can’t choose the best tool in all of them. Maybe second life is the best one, but this may result from recency effect 🙂

Also, I started to like writing with this lesson. I hope I will continue to do it.

Now, at the end of the term, I have a reverse opinion with the one at the beginning of the term. During the term I have satisfied with all the tasks. And now I am happy about this lesson.

Of course, it is necessary to remember the  teacher’s effort for teaching all the tasks, and drawing all of our attention to the lesson.

Teacher, Thank you very much for everything. 🙂

This is my first blog post:

One of the First Lessons in the Last Term of My Student Days 🙂

I felt happy at the beginning of the lesson because the lesson was in a computer class, so I thought that we would use the internet, play games and have fun with our friends much more than the lesson. However, later on I learned that we would design and develop our own multimedia CALL materials. When I learned our tasks, I was under stress. This stress is just because of my lack of  knowledge about technology. I think that the jobs are a bit much for us as a senior student. Furthermore, we will write our opinions about the lesson, I hope this job won’t be valid for the other weeks because I don’t like writing an essay from the primary school. 🙂

Of course, the course doesn’t always be negative for me, it will make a positive impression on me till the end of the term. I will learn the various technologies in teaching and learning.  Computers are important in education, so we cannot avoid the presence of them in our schools.  While there are children who use the computers even at an early age,  we – as teachers – must know everything about them. Using computers will create learning opportunities for us in the future in our classes, so we can help to improve student learning.

I hope  we can be capable teachers and have enough knowledge about using computers at the end of the term. 

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Week 12 ( Weebly and Second Life )

This is the last lesson of the term. I don’t know whether I am happy or not.

Firstly, I want to mention weebly briefly. This is about our final project, creating and publishing a web page. I haven’t started to do it yet, but I think that it is easier than prezi. I checked both of them out, and prezi seemed more difficult for me. I hope I can use weebly easily as I think. Also, in this web page, we put all of our tasks we did during the term together. This is very good because we have lots of pages, and sometimes we can forget whether we do them or not. This web page bands all of them together, so it will enable us to see all of the tasks in just a web page.

Then, let’s mention second life. I heard it beforehand , but I didn’t know that it is very enjoyable and funny. It is like just a real life. I like it very much. It provides people a lot of things such as building a 3-d house or a shopping center, meeting new people from the world, organizing parties, earning money and so on. It is limited just our imagination. The subject attracting my attention in second life is earning money 😉  It is very funny. You can both play the game and earn money at the same time 😉 🙂

Teachers may use this tools in classrooms, but it is not nowadays, maybe in the future. I think that most of the classes in our country don’t have even a computer rather than limitless internet 🙂

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Week 11 ( Podcasts )

Podcasts and audioboo are new for me as most of the other topics of the lesson. Audioboo is a website designed to allow users to post and share sound files on the audioboo website. It allows smartphone users to record and playback digital recordings.

Audioboo is used for listening as the name implies. This tool can be used in classrooms. It allows students to create, collaborate, publish and interact with peers, experts and audiences. It also gives the users an opportunity to use different media to communicate ideas and information.

Also, it helps shy students. If the students are shy and intimidated to use this in class and in front of the people, they can access to the internet practice at home, so there is no problem.

In addition, it is useful for students to increase their English learning, speaking and listening skills.

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Week 10 ( Digital Storytelling )

The task of the week is to make a story using movie maker and storyjumper.

I like both of them. These tools are colorful and effective. I think children will like them, too, because the visual quality of the tools affect them very much. Using these tools we can teach the lessons more entertainingly, so the lesson becomes funny for students rather than being beyond endurance. Also, even lazy students can be more motivated with these tools.

However,  they took a lot time of me. Normally, I like making an effort such enjoyable programs, but for this week they bored me to death because we have lots of works for this week. I couldn’t suffice to all these tasks by myself.

I think that storyjumper is easier than movie maker. Storyjumper has different pages in which if we finish something, the task finishes also, whereas movie maker has connected pages in which if we change something in a page, the other connected pages is affected and they change also, so all the work is need to rearrange. This is a great loss of time for us.

I want to use these colorful, enjoyable and motivating tools in the future for my students, but of course, if I have enough time for that 🙂 Anyway, I think I will enjoy and have a lot of  fun preparing them when I have sufficient time.

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Week 9 ( Twitter & Facebook )

Using of social media tools in ELT is very effective for teaching and learning. Both facebook and twitter can be used in language classes. Via them we can be in communication with students regardless of when and where. They provide us benefits not only temporal but also spatial for teaching and learning. We can use them for announcements, assignments or some discussion titles and so on. Because of the fun stuff of them, students can attend the lesson constantly. Also, while we are teaching something, we can get immediate feedback from students. This is very good for construction.

On the other hand, these tools have disadvantages because of the games. I think, all of the games cause an addiction. Therefore, the students may lose much of their time for just games, but not for the lesson. I think that it is difficult to get over an addiction.

Also, there is one more thing. What the most important thing to be able to use these tools in language classroom is internet connection, of course. I think that all of the students in the class can not have an internet connection, even not a computer at their home. Unfortunately, if there is such situation, using of them in the classroom cannot be possible.

After all, I want to use them in my future classes if it is possible. 

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Week 8

Every week I say “ the topic of this week is the best one.” Again I think like that : the topic of this week is the best. ( Online conference tools, WiZiQ )

Wiziq is a collaborative learning platform for teachers and students. Thanks to wiziq, anyone can teach or learn anytime and anyplace, and it makes education accessible to everyone. Also, Wiziq provides tools for  teachers to deliver online education in online or blended learning formats, connect with students, share educational content, deliver live online classes and facilitate highly engaging learning experiences.

Especially, what I like most is that image, powerpoint and text exist together in a page, that is, all in one. This feature of Wiziq has an effect on me.

It has a lot of different interesting features, as well. One of them is that we can hear students’ voices via a microphone. This is good for a speaking exam.

This tool ( Wiziq ) is the most interesting one for me in the topics we have learned from the beginning of term. It is very useful tool like the previous ones. I want to use it in my classes. I hope I can do it easily.

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Week 7

Online classroom… This is a very useful tool for both teaching and learning. In this lesson, we learned two ways of it. The first one is Nicenet. We can create a class, and we can discuss  over something on the internet as a class. We can discuss in a chat environment, but we can not share file, video or powerpoint. This is not good, it is disadvantage of it, so I don’t like it so much.

The second one is Dokeos. I think that this is more useful than Nicenet. This provides us a lot of things. One of them is that we can form a syllabus or collect everything in a page. Also, we can add quizzes which improve the students’ knowledge about the topics. Also, it enables us to make an announcement which the students can see it easily and receive news. Besides, it has a lot of functions such as surveys, documents, glossary, quizzes, wikis, drop box, etc. All of them are so benefical.

I want to use these tools in my life just now and in the future. They will be helpful our works. Thanks to these tools, students’ learning will be more enjoyable and effective. However, there is a problem here. Each student may not have a computer or internet, so these students can’t follow the tasks. This is not good. I hope all of the students will have a computer and internet in my future class in case I can use the tools.

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